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Canadian Coast to Coast Calorie Counters

Welcome to Canadian Coast to Coast Calorie Counters.

Hi there, welcome and thank you for checking out our website.

Canadian Calorie Counters is a non-profit weight loss organization run completely by volunteers. We are members helping and supporting members to achieve their weight loss goals. As with any weight loss program, your success is directly dependant on your own determination to succeed. At our weekly weigh ins, we can give you the tools, support and inspiration needed to keep your determination to achieve your goal and become a slimmer, healthier you.

Check out our many locations to find a Branch in your area or call and we’ll help you locate a Branch best suited to your needs. You are more than welcome to visit any Branch at no cost to see how they operate.

No Branch in your city? With just 5 people in your area interested in an inexpensive weight loss program, you can start a new Branch with our help.

Whether you decide to join us at Canadian Calorie Counters or to go to another program, I do wish you much success in your weight loss efforts.


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